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At Promotions, Etc., we’re about people, not things!  We love to connect with our clients, share stories, and build relationships that make us a part of your team.  We believe a high tide raises all boats and love to share in our clients’ successes! Digging in to discover what you are trying to accomplish allows us to create and curate the most effective branded products to help you reach your goals and see a great return on your investment.  We are outside the box thinkers and artists who bring amazing ideas to life.


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  • 9 Tips to Own the Room at Your Next Networking Event

    9 Tips to Own the Room at Your Next Networking Event

    Today we host the first networking event at our office since I have been here. Exciting and scary. What do we hope to accomplish? What if I didn't buy enough sandwiches? All the questions that bubble ...

  • Boost your revenues with effective after sales follow-up

    Boost your revenues with effective after sales follow-up

    by: bdc.ca Finding new customers is crucial to the growth and success of your business. But entrepreneurs shouldn’t forget there is huge potential for revenue in their list of existing cu...

  • Lead Nurturing Tips

    Lead Nurturing Tips

    Warmth is an integral part of relationship building in sales. Being relatable, adding value through education and discussion, and creative gifting can assist sales/marketing professionals in becomi...


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