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promotional products Fairfield ohioPromotions, Etc. began as a very small in home engraving business. That business was a sort of hobby with a machine bought from a neighbor that sounded like fun, used a crafty/ art touch to fill a need for a few clients, and allowed for some part time work for a busy young mother of four boys :)

Fast forward a little bit and our house started to fill with fun projects and I discovered sublimated decorating, which was even more creative and exciting. At a decorating trade show, I stumbled into the whole world of promotional products, and my ability to create what my growing client base asked for exploded with options. We moved out of the house, hired the best ever employees and started the growth that allows us to serve lots of our favorite people.

I have always done some sort of art throughout my life and was a speech therapist dealing with effective communication in my first career. Then, I built relationships with many clients and helped them achieve goals, having the great opportunity to share in their successes. Today, we continue to build a wonderful business and it's still why we do what we do. We value most our relationships with our clients, and we always strive to help them reach goals by crafting and communicating their message and making them look amazing through the use of effective promotional products! They may look amazing in well chosen and expertly decorated apparel, or look amazing to their employees by giving top notch recognition for a job well done, or look amazing to potential clients with a stand-out trade show booth that attracts a crowd with it's look and functional branded merch.

We believe a high tide raises all boats, and the more we are all successful in our own way, the more we can help others, give back, and build better communities we can share. Success to us comes from helping our clients understand that we aren't simply selling a pen with a logo, but getting to know their organizations, goals, and audience to then curating products that create the elevated connections and memorable experiences they need. Our purposeful, functional process makes our clients shine and appreciate their investment in products that work.


We love to take a brand and use it in really cool creative ways that make you stand out.  Maybe full color art with a focus on a message your brand brings, or maybe a kit with goods from local small businesses, or a company shop that allows your audience to choose a gift that works for them. Our clients goals are varied but primarily focus on their employees/ members/ students, or their marketing.

 For example-



We get to know our clients and build relationships that make it easy to align with them on projects.  We know their priorities as they relate to their brand, and we find products and prepare services with those in mind. We love learning about what they do and why they do it, their style, budget, goals, and mostly how we can efficiently share their brand to convey their message with the least amount of time and trouble for them.



Woman Owned Business

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