The Top 10?

  • Jan 22, 2019

The Top 10?

by Julie Holderbach  1/22/2019


I have been asked a few times recently what the top 10 promotional items might be.  The answer is that there isn’t really a correct answer! While there are top selling categories of promotional items (wearables, writing instruments, bags, calendars, and drinkware), what works for one may not work for another. This means we dig in and get answers to some questions that help us answer the top items specifically for each client’s current need.


How long a consumer will keep or engage with and use a product relates to how useful it is to them.  Each time we talk with a client, we get an idea of their projects and their goals and their target audience. Once we know the purpose of the gift and who is going to be receiving it, we can make suggestions for great products.  


Some questions to consider:


What is your budget for this project?

How many items do you need?

Who, demographically, is your target audience?

Where do you want the person to use the product (home/ office/ car/ other)?

What is the timeframe for your project?


We also consider:


How can we get people to engage with the product and therefore connect to your brand?

How can we use your logo or our art or a combination to get attention with a great impression?

Can we use products that are custom and unique with creative art or design?

What products can we use that will be seen repeatedly in the appropriate setting to keep you top of mind?

How will the product be delivered or distributed?


For example, we recently had a client who was preparing for a large out of state trade show. They wanted to design a catalog for the attendees but that created several challenges. The catalog itself was going to be expensive to produce and costly to ship to the venue. More critically, the catalog would be bulky and cumbersome for attendees to carry around. What if this caused the attendees to be less likely to take a catalog? Not only that, the company frequently adds new products making changes in the catalog necessary. After some discussion, we suggested that instead of a catalog, why not produce a USB Webkey and card attachment with brief company information and instructions. The Webkey is used to share access to websites or a specific Web page information, making their most current products and catalog always available. The Webkeys are small and light, which makes them easy to mail out to customers or potential customers, or to give away at shows and exhibitions. By examining the situations and target audience, we were able to save our client substantial dollars and create a product that met their event needs.


With every one of our clients we take the careful yet creative approach to choosing what products will work best for them. So to answer the top 10 question, everyone’s top 10 is a customizable and unique list!


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