The Keys to a Consistent Brand

  • Nov 19, 2019



When it comes to consumers, there’s one thing we can count on: They want consistency. Customers don’t like having the rug pulled out from under them. But consistency doesn’t end with a good product. It’s a key player in successful branding. Creating a logo isn’t enough. Your brand needs to make an impression. Are you making the right one?


What does consistency in branding look like?


The Visuals This is the “look” or graphic elements of your brand, and it should have a unified concept. This could mean sleek and sophisticated or loud and bright. It includes your logo, color scheme, fonts and the overall “feel” of your advertising. Apple creates very sleek, simple visuals that support its brand. It sends a message that Apple is all about ease of functionality. The bells and whistles are in their products, not in their ads.


The Voice This is how your brand communicates with your audience. This includes the text in your newsletters, social media, website and even the way employees interact with customers and clients. Disney does an incredible job of this by conveying a feeling of magic and wonder to their audience. All employees, including groundskeepers and phone operators, are referred to as “cast members,” and every employee adds a bit of magic to their interactions with guests. If your child is dressed as Snow White, every Disney employee that sees her at the park will greet her as if she really is Snow White. Disney invites their audience to be part of their story, not just observers.


How does consistency help your business?


It creates recognition and recollection.
If you change up your look and feel too often, your brand won’t be easily recognized. The more you keep your branding consistent, the easier it is for your audience to remember you when they need your services. Think about it: If you’re about to shell out good money on a pair of shoes, you’ll most likely choose a brand you know, rather than gamble your money with an unknown company. This kind of reputation isn’t built just by providing quality products, but through creating a consistent brand.


It conveys a professional message.
A unified brand tells your audience you know what you’re doing. You come across as professional and an expert in your field. It gives your customers assurance. If you have a professional, put-together brand, the conclusion is that you must offer a professional, put-together product. If your brand is sloppy, your audience will associate that with sloppy work and sloppy products.


It establishes trust.
A brand with an identity crisis builds distrust with its audience. Your customers need to count on you to provide them with the products and services they love, time and again. Imagine if Coca-Cola changed their logo, or color scheme every few years. It would generate a lot of questions in your mind. Did their recipe change? Is there a new owner? Is this even the same company? Don’t build doubt in your customers. Build loyalty and trust by maintaining a consistent brand.






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