The 6 Challenges Leaders Face

  • Apr 2, 2019


By Billy Arcement 

I came across an article listing the challenges leaders face on a global scale. Here is my take on these six challenges: 

1) Developing managerial skills

Leading and managing are different. My experiences filling these roles proved to me one needs both skills to do either job well. Leaders are charged with being the visionary but responsible for developing managerial skills.

Perhaps you’ve read this scripture quote: Without vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18).Vision provides a glimpse of the future. But to get to that destination, a bit of housekeeping is needed. And, that is what good managers do. They run the day-to-day activities that help the vision becoming reality.

Want to be a great leader? Learn how to manage well and, more importantly, manage managers. It’s knowledge critical to your success.

2) Being a source of inspiration

To be a leader, one must have followers. Gaining "followship" starts with the ability to convince (inspire) someone to follow you. They must believe in your plans, sense the value you bring to the organization and be willing to help make your plans reality.

Inspiration is coupled with a surge of personal energy and excitement. Leaders need both to keep momentum going.

Grow the skill of “selling your vision” and building confidence in your leadership. That’s necessary so you can lead others “to the promised land.” 

3) Developing employees

The growth of employees directly impacts the potential success of the organization. Leaders have an obligation and duty to improve the skills and knowledge of every employee. When I managed, I had an individual growth plan for every employee reporting to me. I also had one for myself. Doing this brings greater employee satisfaction, a greater potential for promotions and the opportunity to help the organization grow. Leaders should “recruit” someone that can eventually take their place. Not having a replacement lessens your promotable opportunities. Don’t be selfish. Help every employee maximize their contribution. Help them grow greater satisfaction with their career. It’s what great leaders do!

4) Developing teams

When I train my clients on teamwork, I always share this statement: The power of many far exceeds the power of one. Leaders should look to their team to pull the wagon of success forward. The energy of great teams makes a powerful contribution. When employees work together, more can be accomplished.

When I managed, I trained and used quality teams. Their contribution saved thousands and produced happier employees. It’s a move where everyone came out a winner.

5) Managing change

Life is about change. It’s ever-present and impacts how the organization functions.

Leaders must anticipate change. Leaders must manage through change. Leaders must guide the organization to greater successes or to better overcome adversity.

The universe doesn’t remain constant. It’s the same with your organization. Learn how to cope with change and use it to your advantage. Change isn’t all bad but it can create chaos is not probably managed. 

6) Managing relationships, politics and image

Relationships are the core ingredient of your successes. Relationship building is what great leaders do well. Adversarial environments are like some poison — it may not kill you but the misery it produces is tough to endure.

Manage your relationships well and you open the door to bigger and better things. Learn to confront those who disagree, disarm their resistance and gain them as a supporter. If you can get all this done, you’ve just won the trifecta of relationship building.

Politics permeates almost every environment. And, the workplace is no exception. Some organizations, in order to grow individual opportunities, almost mandate one learn the political game. Leaders avoid decisions made with a political premise. It’s a weak floor that will eventually collapse.

Transparency and honesty minimize politics. Use these to your advantage. Build awareness of the internal politics present but stay politically neutral.

Image can morph into ego if we are not careful. The only long-standing and successful image is to be fair and consistent. It means being someone that cares and values every employee. It means being you. No phony baloney.

Your image is the sum of your actions. It’s how people view your character, your principles and your behavior. A poor image can be a career buster. Project the right image and become the hero of the super bowl of success. 

Every leader faces challenges. Be proactive. Be persistent in learning leadership skills. You’re never too old or it’s never too late to get better. Challenges are like a charging bull. To cope, you just need to remember what it takes to be a great matador. 



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