June Is Audiobook Month...Let's Celebrate

  • Jun 26, 2019

By Julie Holderbach         6/26/2019


Audiobooks not only make long drives fly by for commuters, but they are a multitasker's dream. You can enjoy books while cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or working out at the gym. And, with a format that's proven to help students become better readers and listeners, audiobooks are also a favorite among parents and teachers. But even beyond that, audiobooks are simply fun. They bring print books to life with music, sound effects, and character voices. And sometimes you just want to close your eyes and let someone do the reading for you! With benefits as diverse as the listeners who enjoy them, audiobooks truly offer something for everyone ...

The Pumpkin Plan, by Mike Michalowicz, shares business growth strategies that have traditionally been used in growing giant pumpkins!  Who would guess that these farmers held secrets to entrepreneurial success?  By determining what types of clients are ideal for a particular business, and nurturing those clients, a business can grow exponentially as compared to a counterpart who spends a large amount of time and resources on clients who do not contribute to growth.  We love to apply these philosophies to our own marketing and relationship efforts, as well as help our clients to do the same.  Their goals for our products often target growth in a particular area, giving them great ROI.  We hope you love the Pumpkin plan and all of the Mike Michalowicz books.  

Additionally, for Audiobook month, if you haven't heard of the Hoopla app, give it a shot! Get the app and set up an account using a library card and borrow audiobooks free!! Happy Audiobook Month!!

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