5 Ways of Revitalizing the Sales Process

  • May 20, 2020

We have all heard the saying “think outside of the box”. In sales, we have to do that all the time due to competition, client challenges, and the ever changing sales landscape. But what if someone took a sledgehammer and smashed our box? The year 2020 has done exactly that. Where do we go now in regards to sales? Why not embrace the change but be mindful of what core values created success in the past. Several common sense strategies can help refocus and reinvigorate our sales process and create a new and exciting path for our sales force.
-  Trisha P., Brand Consultant 

by Entreprenoria

Forget about the antiquated advice you’ve read in business books. It’s high time to start trying some surprising techniques that will help you boost your company’s sales and business development efforts.

All entrepreneurs have read business books and tried to apply lots of different sales tactics or business development techniques that haven’t really made that much of a difference. So why not think outside the box? Here’s what you should consider:

1. Have you ever considered hiring employees from nontraditional fields? If you’re a translation firm, it’s normal that you want to hire only the best translators in the world. However, remember to embrace diversity. The point I’m trying to make is that if you hire employees from different fields they will be able to bring a valuable perspective to the table. This is one of the best ways to place an employee in an untraditional role.


2. Do your best to retain your key employees. When one of your rockstar employees tells you that he or she needs to relocate to another city to be closer to his or her family, you should not perceive this as a setback, but rather as an opportunity. And instead of losing one of your top employees or spending time and money you don’t have to replace him or her, offer that person the possibility to work remotely from the place he or she moves. Working from another city can be of great advantage if you think about it. It helps you attract new business and grow existing accounts.

3. Be open to spend extra money. Using your cash reserves may be painful but it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you will stay ahead of the curve and invest in new and emerging technologies, tools and thinking. And while the investment may not be able to deliver an immediate return on investment, the new offerings could definitely reshape the direction of your company. By investing in sectors such as the digital, creative and strategic planning one or in social media you are able to not only make your company look smarter, but also help you attract new prospects.

4. Be part of nontraditional groups. Probably, you already are a member of your local business associations and your industry trade groups. However, you should also look to join unexpected groups. By mixing with decision-makers from other fields of industry you are able to enrich your knowledge and gain business connections from other sources.

5. Develop partnerships. If the opportunity ever arises don’t think twice about developing a partnership with other organizations. And if you have already done this, can you truly say that you have been leveraging them so as to create a greater awareness and credibility for your company? By tapping into a new pool of potential clients you are able to attract new customers while also establishing a new target audience. The results could help further the sales process in a very short period of time.

When things don’t really go as planned, it’s time to take a step back and regroup. This does not mean you will give up and focus on something else. Approaching new customers in a different way may actually be the thing your company was missing all along.

Hope some of these tips will help you and your company. Good luck!

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