3 Ways Branded Pens Benefit Brand Storytelling

  • Jul 18, 2019


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Everyone has a story to tell, including brands. Whether it’s one that conveys encouragement like NIKE’s “just do it” slogan, or one that inspires individuality like Apple’s “think different” campaign, stories are the messages that connect us. They make people, products, and brands more approachable and relatable. And while brand storytelling may be a relatively new term used in the last 5 to 10 years, the marketing practice has been around for hundreds of years.

When it comes to brand storytelling, promo products play an important role. They offer a tangible storytelling medium that can be shared with others.

Here are three ways promo products, like the pens featured in this article, can benefit a brand’s story.

1. High Relevancy, High Brand Exposure

Practical, portable, and used by nearly every type of end-user, the promo product category of writing instruments is relevant to all. And a relevant promo product is a seen promo product that earns impressions and builds brand awareness.

 With a low-cost entry point and flexible decoration options, pens can easily fit into any company’s advertising, PR plan or marketing outreach efforts. This makes pens an attractive choice for brands and marketers.

2. Room for a Message

Pens with an ample imprint area can provide brands with extra room to get creative with their storytelling. From the “business card pen” with contact information to the “coupon pen” with redemption codes or offers, a larger imprint area is a great way to share a message at the fraction of the price of other advertising mediums (i.e. radio ads).

As one fundraising team learned, saying thank you was a meaningful part of their donor recognition campaign. To connect donors with the very students who benefited from their support, the fundraising team asked students to handwrite thank you messages. The result was a branded message of heartfelt gratitude.

3. Make it Memorable with Color

Market researchers and psychologists have found that color in marketing matters.

  • Color can increase brand recognition by up 80%1
  • Color helps the mind process, store and remember scenes better than those without color2
  • Color can influence perception (i.e., red signals feelings of hunger)

By selecting a colorful decoration option, branded promo pens can stand out from the crowd, making them more memorable than the average ballpoint.

“But what if my company’s logo is one color?” Not a problem. Brands with a single color or a palette of colors can play with dynamic color presentations by simply changing the barrel color or opting for a SimpliColor® stock design theme.

Thinking back to brands—be it companies, causes, or personal brands—the ones that are typically remembered are the ones that tell a good story. Brand storytelling is a proven communication and marketing tool, and promo products give stories staying power.

References: 1. Research conducted by E. Hoadley, L. Simons, F. Gilroy. Loyola University Maryland, 2007. 2. F.A. Wichmann, L.T. Sharpe, K.R. Gegenfurtner, “The contributions of color torecognition memory for natural scenes”. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 2002.

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